More African Americans Veterans Wanted in the Logistics Industry

You may be wondering why more veterans aren’t pursuing careers in logistics. After all, it’s a field where you can take advantage of your military experience and get started on the right foot.

Veterans are a great source of talent, but they often don’t know how their professional military experience translates into other fields. The transition from active military to civilian life can be overwhelming. The biggest challenge for veterans often comes in finding a job that matches their skill set and provides a way to make an impact.”

The logistics industry is known for being one of the most difficult industries to enter for new employees because of its complexity, high stakes nature and lack of upward mobility opportunities for entry-level workers. However, recent data shows that veterans are not staying in this field long enough to make much of an impact on their career trajectory.”


“Over and over, study after study — including a recent one by the Harvard Business Review — confirm that veterans possess the ideal qualities to succeed in the logistics industry. However, they are not necessarily aware of potential opportunities in this field or how rewarding these jobs can be.”

The logistics industry is an exciting place to work, and it offers many opportunities for veterans to use their skills. In fact, more than half of all logistics employees have military experience. If you are a veteran looking for a career in this industry, here are some tips that can help get your foot in the door:

Find out what kind of job openings there might be through sites like Indeed or You can also contact recruiters directly if they’re working with companies with which you’d like to work with!


The logistics industry also provides many opportunities for veterans seeking work after leaving the military; according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are currently over 1 million jobs available across all industries related to transportation or warehousing–which means there’s always room for fresh faces!



Veterans have many of the skills needed to succeed in logistics. They are good at working as part of a team and following instructions, which makes them ideal candidates for positions that require coordination with other personnel.

These jobs offer stability and good pay, which is something that many veterans crave after serving their country. The demand for these jobs will continue to grow as the economy rebounds from its recent recessionary period—so if you’re interested in applying your military training to something new, now’s the time!

If you have a background in logistics and have some other skills that will help you succeed in this career path, then it’s time to begin thinking about what your next step might be.