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Take the extra steps and create an Audio Profile Cover Letter with your resume submission.

  • In your own words, tell the hiring manager why you want that position.
  • Why you are perfect for the position.
  • Your prior work experience that makes you perfect for the job.
  • Talk about your hobbies, work ethics, community volunteering.

Get Started Today:

  • Click on this link to get started - http://audiointroductions.com/audio-resume-cover-letter/
  • Register by creating a user account and password and verify your account.
  • Click on Resume Audio Cover Letter on the menu bar at the top.
  • Upload your professional photo and audio greeting. Simply go to your smart phone(Voice recorder)record your audio message within 60 seconds and then upload the audio file.
  • Pay the couple of dollars monthly subscription fee.
  • Log into your (My Account) and paste the URL for your profile page on your resume or job application and when the hiring manager clicks on your URL they will be directed to your profile page with your audio introduction automatically playing.

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